N9603 Argue Rd

New Glarus, WI 53574


Argue-ment Golf Course has joined other courses across the country in adjusting our course management to have as little impact as possible on the natural ecology of our land. Here are some of the practices we employ:

  • Natural borders. Out-of-play areas are not mowed and native plants are allowed to grow naturally, helping to control run-off and providing a habitat for deer, pheasants, turkeys, rabbits, groundhogs, and other native animals.
  • We mow less. Our roughs are given an extra day or so before they are mowed, and our fairways are a bit narrower and maintained at a slightly taller height than many courses. This lowers our carbon footprint and is actually healthier for the turf, reducing the need for chemicals.
  • Less watering. While our greens are kept plush and green, other areas get less water than the typical golf course.
  • Safe spraying practices. We use fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides only when absolutely necessary.
  • Natural pest control. We provide a healthy habitat for insect-eating birds with bluebird houses and a natural environment. Ponds are stocked with fish and we have plenty of healthy, noisy frogs to control mosquito larvae.