N9603 Argue Rd

New Glarus, WI 53574

(608) 527-6366

A note from david

I'm very happy to be able to teach at Argue-Ment! This is a beautiful place. If I can assist anyone with his or her golf game, please ask. Come talk to me at the course or contact me me by email: varlis@mhtc.net or cell phone: (608) 577-0677


David Haugh, PGA

about our pro

A native of Wisconsin and a PGA class "A" member, David has worked in the golf industry for many years, serving largely as an instructor in Wisconsin and California.

Like many attracted to golf, David became passionate about the game recognizing the amazing relationship between mind and body that occurs when the swinging motion is performed. A well executed 'shot' is a culmination of focus, feel, and vision. Those that have experienced a sweet, soundly-struck shot know the feeling is a "hard to describe" sense of satisfaction and joy. 

David comes to the lesson tee with extensive experience in teaching, holding an MA in Education and serving as a public school teacher. He is also a certified yoga instructor, conducting classes regularly in the area. His amateur and PGA background includes success in tournament play, and he continually attends workshops conducted by the leading names in golf instruction.

Come as you are, regardless of experience, age, or background, and David will assist in putting a plan in place to see to it that you experience more and more of those sweet, sound swings, leading to lower scores and increased enjoyment!