We are closing after 22 years.

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N9603 Argue Rd

New Glarus, WI 53574

March 2019

Dear Argue-Ment Golfers,

For the last twenty-two years, the Argue-Ment Golf Course has been a primary consideration for Art and Carolyn Jennrich, Mark and Judy Renner, other members of our family, good volunteers, and loyal employees. We have spent countless hours interacting with the land, the grass, and you, our golfers. We have attempted to “Honor the land and the game…” Thank you for your time with us. We have only borrowed these acres for part of a lifetime, now it is time to bring our Argue-Ment to a close.

As you are probably already aware, we have had the course on the market for sale for the last year. With the devastating wet weather during 2018, and the heavy snows of this past winter, the course has taken a considerable beating, physically and financially. At our 2019 Annual Meeting, the share holders voted to “Put the course in moth-balls” for the 2019 season, meaning that no general public play will be offered.

So, again, thank you, Argue-ment golfers! And, if you know of someone who would like to “Honor the land and the game…,” let us know. We would love to help someone take this special place in our community and in our hearts into the next generations of golfers.
Swing easy…

Mark and Judy, Art and Carolyn