Play from tees that allow you to hit irons onto the greens.

We have noticed that most casual golfers overestimate their ability, based on the mistaken notion that it isn't "manly" to play a shorter tee, or that it somehow breaks the rules to play from a forward tee. Yes, long golf course tees are a challenge. However, it is not much fun to struggle on every hole and lose balls because of over-swinging. (We see that a lot at Argue-Ment.)

Experiment. Try playing the course from a tee that will allow you to shoot par. Keep moving forward until you get there, even if you have to tee it up ahead of the most forward tee. Once you have built the skills to do that, you can begin to lengthen your course of play by moving to a more challenging tee. Golf is the only game that encourages you to play at a level that is fun and competitive across skill levels because of the different tee lengths and the handicapped system. You are cheating yourself, not the game, when you frustrate yourself trying to play to your ego rather than building on your current skill.

Our "way back" tees will give your USGA Handicap game all it can handle, with an emphasis on shotmaking skill, accuracy, and course management. Standard, executive, and forward tees are available for less challenging rounds, along with "family" tees for your little ones and beginners. Children are always welcome under proper supervision of adults. We do not charge for non-golfing riders or walkers. Sooner or later, they will be bitten by the bug, and then we have them!

Adult Beginners--Orange or Red: These tees are also appropriate for players who are younger or do not have the ability to hit their drives beyond 145 yards.

Adult Casual Players--White: These tees are appropriate for players whose average score on a 9-hole course is over 50. They are also appropriate for skilled women, and skilled pre- or early-teen golfers.

Adult Skilled Players--Blue: These tees are appropriate for players who typically shoot less than 50 for 9 holes and hit the ball straight off the tees.

Highly Skilled Players--Black: If you have a USGA Handicap of 16 or less, the black tees will provide you all the challenge you can ask for.

an overview of our teeing areas

Abili-tees: Know your personal yardage goals!

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